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Sherrie Rose,

Some people call Sherrie the Webinar Wonder Woman.  Sherrie calls herself The Liking Authority which refers to two principles made famous in Robert Cialdini's book, 'Persuasion', because “People prefer to say ‘yes’ to those they know and like,” and "People respect authority. They want to follow the lead of real experts." 

Sherrie explains the importance of Liking and Authority as major factors in Pillar 5 (of the 7 Pillars) for webinar fame as you broadcast your way to success.

As a Webinar Master, here’s how Sherrie can help you:

* Private coaching to define specific market-to-message monetization strategy
* Review and critique of webinar
* Funnel strategy setting
* Introduction to some potential JV partners
* EVERYTHING you need to be launch and build the entire Webinar > Buyer > (Big ticket) Funnel.

Sherrie is the self-proclaimed International Spokesperson for The Power of Webinars and she is one of the MOST in-demand coaches and marketing consultants working behind the scenes to create, improve, develop webinars that convert for sales.

She is also known as the Love Linguist®, a title she bestowed upon herself for the programs and books she created on intimate personal relationships such as the 7 Ways to Fill Her Love Bucket, 5 Love Dynamics and others. Her motto is simply: The Real Currency is "Relationship Riches."

Sherrie was educated in Canada and the US and has traveled extensively.  After college, she began her international events career at the World University Games and the Olympic Committee where she was asked to work on cutting edge computer systems and test new technologies.  How technology serves people and enriches their lives has always been one of her lifelong interests.

As a speaker and webinar trainer, Sherrie has guided students to success and has created and delivered numerous presentations, many of which are in perpetual mode using automation technology.

Currently, Sherrie runs an online business, has written and contributed to three books, and has read and researched over 2000 books on business, marketing, and personal development. Visit her Amazon Author page, Sherrie Rose on Amazon. She is the co-author of the book, The Webinar Way, (her photo is on the cover) along with Jim Kukral.

Sherrie's unique profile image is well-known on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and you can find her across many social media channels.   

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As a Webinar Master, Sherrie guides you through the development or improvement of the most profitable online marketing tools for any business – Webinars!

Most webinars are dull and do not get the results in terms of attendance and ultimately people taking you up on your ‘call to action’ in the close portion of your webinar presentation. Sherrie zeroes in and identifies what, where, and how to change this so your webinar becomes a serious profit center.

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