Consulting Experience with Sherrie Rose
Author, "The Webinar Way"

Audio Testimonial for Sherrie Rose
Clients: Sean Gates & Romani Awad
5:09 minutes

Sean Gates, Romani Awad
Consulting Experience with Sherrie Rose

This is Seann Gates and I’m here with my partner, Romani Awad. We were fortunate enough to work with Sherrie Rose on our Mobile Sumo webinar presentation. As you probably already know, Sherrie wrote the book, The Webinar Way, and she definitely has a “way with webinars.” Sherrie brought insight, perspective, structure and flow to our webinar presentation with sales conversion factors. She gave us tools to make us more confident as presenters.

  • Why we decided to contact Sherrie Rose to help with our webinar
  • What messy “state” our webinar was in before Sherrie (and she fixed it all)
  • What we discovered as we began working with Sherrie
  • How Sherrie helped us with the overall concept as well as details
  • Some of the key areas that really made a difference in our webinar
  • How our webinar presentation is NOW after working with Sherrie
  • A smart investment of time and money on our part
  • What it was like working with Sherrie [FUN!]

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Sean Gates: This is Sean Gates, I’m here with my partner, Romani Awad, and we were fortunate enough to work with Sherrie Rose on her mobile seminar webinar presentation. As you probably already know, Sherrie wrote the book the Webinar Way and she definitely has a way with webinars. Whenever we first decided to contact Sherrie on the webinar, Romani why did we do that?

Romani Awad: Well, starting off, the webinar presentation we created just looked very complicated, and horrible and that’s when we contacted Sherrie and she just showed us, really the way, how we can make it simple and to the point.

Sean Gates:  I definitely agree, we were… months within that, we even had so called experts helping us out here in the local Tampa Bay area that had done quite a few webinars, and they were actually paid money to do them, and we were still all over the place, it was a mess.  So yes, I definitely think through all the pain of all that we just wanted to have something that was great and that we would be proud of. We wanted the BEST and that’s why we went to talk to Sherrie Rose.

Romani Awad: As soon as we started working with Sherrie, everything seemed to fit in place and became more simple, we can see the flow of everything and gives us a lot more confidence.  We probably couldn’t have done it ourselves if we spent months on it.

Sean Gates: Definitely, I agree. When we first started work on Sherrie, I thought the state of our webinar, it had some content in there that was good but it was just spread out all over the place and really it didn’t have a flow and that’s really why we never even moved forward with it.  We knew we had to have a flow. And a lot of that flow was created -  ALL that flow was definitely created when we stated working with Sherrie. 

Romani Awad: Really, the keys areas that helped us through is being able to really structure the whole presentation. At first it was, for us, kind of a mess structuring it and working on the psychology for the listener to drive them on a certain path to get them to close or buy at the end.

Sean Gates: Yes, definitely one of the biggest things I think I’ve discovered when I began working with Sherrie, it just reminded me of, whenever you want something great you always go get a coach.  Everybody gets a coach; Michael Jordan had a coach, Tiger Woods has a coach and that really elevated us in this webinar to another level, that’s for sure. And a lot of it for me, too, was I didn’t understand where we were supposed to have certain content, what we were supposed to have and certain points to make sure that our listener and people that were watching were still engaged and all those discoveries came in place with Sherrie. 

Romani Awad: Definitely. Right now the greatest thing was having confidence in conversation. At first we definitely did not have enough of that because of the way the presentation was. The way we feel now is really confident and great about it. It was definitely a great investment of time and money for us. It was definitely worth every minute and working with Sherrie also is really amazing. It was fun.  I would definitely recommend Sherrie, too.

Sean Gates: It definitely was fun! Whenever I think though about the overall concepts, all the different parts of the webinar and how much time you should spend in each part, I mean all that, it really is a science. If you lose your listener the chances of someone buying your service and you being able to show them who you are and invest in your service, it goes down significantly without having all those key details in place that Sherrie showed us. Thinking about the key areas that really made a difference… 

Romani Awad: The key area I think is the whole structure of the beginning of the presentation. The introduction, the closing, which is very important. The flow of all the stories and the testimonials, all these parts were and how they were perfectly mounted thanks to Sherrie and that’s what really made our presentation come to life.

Sean Gates: Definitely. Before Sherrie, we were bringing cold traffic to the webinar registration.  At the beginning of the webinar, we were just telling them just too much about ourselves (overkill!). Sherrie showed us how to spread all that information throughout the webinar  and to make sure it was done in the right way. It was a huge area that I saw of improvement and definitely the word “close” can be a bad thing but we really didn’t have any transitions in place whenever we went showing everyone what opportunity we had with us. Those things were not in place. We didn’t have our audience engaged throughout and making sure that they’re still listening. Those things were definitely done. Now that the webinar, really, I feel really confident. Before, there really was a lack of confidence - the flow. Do we have things in the right place, are we talking too much? After all is said and done, know that now we can move forward with that confidence and we have an awesome webinar.  As far as the money that we spent it almost came like I shouldn’t be saying this I don’t know if Sherrie is ever going to hear this or not but the investment was well worth it and then some - just the clarifications and the aahas, pretty cool, fun. It was pretty fun working with Sherrie; she made it enjoyable. 

Romani Awad: Definitely, I could recommend Sherrie to anyone that is trying to make a really great presentation, someone that wants to take it from a normal or a bad presentation to great and most importantly, a webinar presentation that converts.

Sean Gates: I would recommend Sherrie. We lost so many hours of my life trying to make this thing happen and so definitely would recommend Sherrie to anyone. If you want save a lot of time and money and get the right solution for your webinar, right away, I would definitely recommend Sherrie.


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